Skittles is a game played in public houses, bars and clubs around the U.K. An alley is a length of wooden flooring similar to that used in 10 pin bowling. Nine pins or skittles are arranged in a diamond formation and each player in a team of twelve has five rolls in an attempt to knock them over. Each roll consists of three balls. The biggest differences between skittles and 10 pin bowling is that the pins are smaller in size and have gaps between them large enough to allow the ball to pass through without hitting them. The balls too are much smaller and can be placed in the palm of one hand. They do not have finger holes and are rolled one handed. Many leagues operate and tend to be very local.

Skittles Cardiff

Other versions of the game are widespread and in The West of England the balls, pins and spacings are different. This results in a game which is higher scoring than that in South Wales.


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