Miscellaneous Links to other Sites.

This site can only offer so much in the way of information and is dedicated to an overview of Wales and what it can offer. Professional and amateur sites abound which deal with individual details and some of these are listed below.....if you know of more or have any problems with these, mail me and I will add a link.

First is an Australian site, though at first it looks Welsh based, which deals with family links between the two countries. http://web.one.net.au/~rossiter

The second is a new local Pentyrch site. www.village.pentyrch.net

Llanfendigaid in North West Wales. www.llanfendigaid.freeserve.co.uk

Llantwit Major. www.llantwit-major-vale.co.uk

A new Farmer's market  in  Cardiff every month   www.riversidemarket.org.uk

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