Y Trefaldwyn


Montgomery is a haven of history in a modern age. The newest part of the town seems to be the Georgian town centre which has remained virtually unchanged since the 18th Century. A settlement has existed through Iron Age, Roman, Norman and Early Mediavel time periods and the first castle of wood and earth was built in 1070. The existing castle ruins, high on a rock cliff date from 1223. built on the instruction of Henry the Third. Welshpool town was founded in 1227 and exists becuase of the nearby ford across the River Severn which allowed the Welsh an invasion route into England - hence the castle, high, overlooking the valley below. The views afforded from here are truly stunning. Mile after mile down the Severn Valley.

Traces of the old town walls and the four gates Arthur's, Cedewain, Ceri and Chirbury are still visible. The Town Hall and the Old Bell Museum and Exhibition Centre, housed in a 16th Century building on Arthur Street are a "Well Worth a Visit" site. It is to the people who run this establishment that I am indebted to for the information here. Plaques all around the streets tell of the history of the area in such detail that you almost feel transported back to the 11th century.

Try, The Dragon Hotel in the town centre, the traditional butchers shop, the art and craft shops and do not miss THE ironmongers shop.

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