Monmouth (Trefynwy)

Twinned with Carbonne, France and Waldbronne, Germany

Monmouth stands on three rivers The Monnow, The Trothy and The Wye. They join together in the town before flowing south and meeting The River Severn near the first Severn Bridge, then on to the sea. Monmouth has a 2000 year chequered history, including a Roman settlement and was the birthplace of Charles Stewart Rolls (1877-1910), half of the World famous Rolls-Royce and King Henry the Fifth who was born on September 16th. 1387 at Monmouth Castle. The book, History of the Kings of Britain was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth. It is also home to a museum on Nelson who was born in the east of England and died at sea and visited Monmouth twice !!!

Henry the Fourth granted the Pricipality of Wales to Henry of Monmouth, however Owain Glyndwr had other ideas about this and during 1402 entered Gwent and attacked the area bordering on Hereford. During 1404 Owain won a major battle against the English at Craig Y Dorth near Trellerch and reached the town gate at Monmouth but could not gain access, although many skirmishes took place in the surrounding countryside. Owain was eventually defeated in battle at Welshpool in 1410 but was pardoned by Henry so as to not upset the Welsh as he had already turned his attentions to France. Then followed Henry's most famous victory at The Batlle of Agincourt on the 25th. October 1422. Henry died in Vincennes during August 1422.

The unique 13th century stone built Monnow Bridge which, when built, had a portcullis in the arch. This was built to replace an earlier wooden construction. It was converted to a house before being widened in the 19th century.

Today Monmouth is a busy market town, more famous for agriculture and tourism than battlefields. The Usk Valley is a tree lined route south towards Newport and passes through Tintern, home of a World famous abbey. The fishing on the river, the golf courses in the area and the scenery are the attractions of the 21st. century.

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