Geographical Information.

Cardiff is situated on the south coast of Wales with Swansea around 40 miles to the west and Newport close by to the east. Three rivers flow through the South Wales Valleys, then Cardiff, after rising in the hills to the north. The Taff runs through north and central Cardiff by the side of the castle grounds and The Millenium Stadium before entering Cardiff Bay along with The River Ely from the west of the city. The third river, The Rhymney, flows through the east of the city directly into The Bristol Channel which is in turn fed by the waters of the rivers Severn and Wye.

Road and rail links from West Wales to London and the Midlands of England are easily accessable. An airport to the west of the city provides routes to other parts of the U.K., Eire and mainland Europe.

For further information MAPS of the area are available.


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