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Carmarthen the market town of the county of Carmarthenshire, stands on the river Tywi which is overlooked by the castle remains, shown in the above picture. Very little remains of a once great castle dating originally from 1109. A stone construction to replace the earth castle was started in 1181-1183 and completed in 1223-1233. During the latter year the castle needed to be relieved by a fleet from Bristol after undergoing a siege by the armies of Richard Marshall, Earl of Pembroke and other Welsh princes including Llywelyn the Great. Twice the castle fell to Owain Glyndwr and needed repairs in 1409. The castle saw action during the War of the Roses in 1469 and the Civil War in 1644 - 1645. The castle was then reported to be demolished in 1660 and was used as a gaol and partly rebuilt for the same purpose in 1789 by John Nash. The current Council offices were built on this site during 1938.

The town of Carmarthen grew outside the castle walls and was regularly attacked by the Welsh princes attempting to regain their lands. A market and church were established and pieces of the Market Cross are in Carmarthen Museum. The old market was re-built in 1800 on a new site at Red Street where it still stands. The market area is now called Nott Square.

Carmarthen Picture

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